Here at Sydney Mini-Crete we stock a wide range of concrete mixes and products designed to get the best possible results. Whether it is enough material for a large pour for a local council - or simply enough cement for a domestic retaining wall or slab, Sydney Mini-Crete deliver what we say, and when we say it. Client’s appreciate the can do attitude and helpful advice of our team that have a wealth of knowledge to help you get the job done. The end result is a product that can be relied upon, and a project that will stand the test of time.


Concrete Strengths and Uses

* 20 MPa - used for footpaths, footings, shed slabs and postholes
* 25 MPa - used for driveways, footings and slabs
* 32 MPa - used for heavy use driveways, suspended slab and other structural uses
* 40 MPa - used for structural

We also have a range of additives for your concrete such as; Accelerator, Water Reducer & a Wide range of Colours & Oxide.

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